Home Renovation Orangeville

Are you willing to build a custom home or complete your basement, kitchen, and bathroom in a timely manner? Home Renovation Orangeville is one of the best contractors specialized in bathroom remodeling, kitchen refurbishments, basement reconstructions, and handling various categories of building projects without compromises in any way. This is possible due to the credibility, ingenuity, and resourcefulness of our management team that has been in the profession for over ten years and delivering great results in designing and developing custom homes in Orangeville and environs.

Home Renovation Orangeville

Our esteemed clients are enjoying our professionalism in exceptional service delivery in renovating old homes and building dream homes that impact family lives and improve traditional values greatly.

Our Services in Details

Enhance the comfort of your family members by remodeling your home. Our areas of specialization includes roofing, kitchen refurbishments, bathroom renovations, electrical services, new decks, foundation repair, fencing, plumbing projects, internal and external painting, soffit/fascia, skylights, floor remodeling, siding, dry walling, 3D designs, garage works, additions, sunrooms, insulation, and building custom homes.

Our team shall rapport with you to understand areas of the building you want renovated and the amount you have earmarked for the project. We shall also tell you how long it may take before the work is completed.

The Featured Projects

Our featured projects include:

Bathroom Refurbishment

Give your bathroom a new look by consulting the services of skilled men and women that can create a cozy restroom for you and your family and by bathroom renovation from great technicians. We give good attention to your works and ensure we complete them on time and in a budget-friendly way.

Home Renovation Orangeville Services

We shall replace the towel racks, light fittings and fixtures, sink faucets, and drawer pulls. Putting new lines of caulk all over the sink and tub after cleaning the grout is another way we can refurbish your bathroom system. The shower shall be relined with quality materials to improve its utility.

The countertops shall be replaced with the finest slabs and other chunks to make them firm and durable. Our men shall use old dressers to change your sink pedestals after removing the upper part and putting the sink. With these strategies, your bathroom shall have a wonderful appearance that will intrigue your family members including visitors too.

Basement Refurbishment

Do you know that you can convert your basement into a comfortable living space for yourself and family? Why worry getting another accommodation when we can transform the space in your building to your desire home with great amenities.

You can have a relaxing unit, an in-law’s suite, a private bedroom, a bathroom, a library, children playroom, and a kitchenette. We have all the necessary technicians such as licensed electricians, handyman services, HVAC technicians, licensed plumbers, home painting professionals for both private and commercial residences.

Home Renovation Orangeville will transform your housing unit through the creativity and craftsmanship of our personnel giving you an exclusive structure you can showcase to everyone.

Kitchen Refurbishment

Get your kitchen remodeled to a standard culinary room with necessary gears and utensils as you engage the services of Home Renovation Orangeville. Our company can demolish the old structure and redesign it based on your ideals to give you a befitting house of your choice.

Before starting the project, our workers will meet with ylou to deliberate on how to transform your concepts into reality based on the available funds. We shall begin this refurbishment with the most important areas before other places.

Kitchen renovation usually causes inconveniences for the family as the utensils and other cooking gears may be uninstalled, displaced, and non-functional. Experts advised that you should collect various non-perishable foods and drinks to stock for use during this period.

Due to the reconstruction of kitchen structures, the appliances, countertops, and other cabinets will be removed until renovation work is finished before refitting them. Our workers shall assist you in buying new kitchen accessories that befit the new building. Having done all these, you will have a new cooking center of your dreams.


Enjoy a good value for your money and utilize the space in your building properly by consulting the services of Home Renovation Orangeville. We have skilled workers that can give your home an appealing design making you have more comfort to carry out other activities safely. Get a quote today, as we guarantee excellent service to you.

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